Thursday, 23 April 2020

Low Sunday 19 Apr 2020 Sermon

Low Sunday 19.4.20 Reassurance

Thomas wanted more proof of all that was being said. We are not supposed to ask for more proof all the time, but many of us would still identify with Thomas.

We always seem to need reassurance. The Lord has delivered us in the past, but will He deliver us this time? It is alright to ask for reassurance but not to demand it.

We cannot put conditions on God or give Him ultimatums. Unless He come and work a miracle right now I will not believe – that sort of approach.

Our Lord says: Blessed are those who have not seen. That must include us: we have not seen Him in the flesh; we did not have the chance to touch Him as Thomas did.

But we have ‘seen’ Him in other ways; we have perceived His presence and His activity.

Our Lord has other ways of making His presence felt than in spectacular miracles.

As with His childhood and private life in Nazareth, a large of part of His life was spent doing ordinary things; so ordinary that His neighbours did not think He had any particular outstanding qualities (Is not this the carpenter’s son – Mt 13,55)

By spending so much time on the ordinary, Our Lord is teaching us that in doing ordinary things well we are going to find Him, or ‘see’ Him.

He reveals Himself progressively. If we show that we are capable of recognizing Him in this more subtle way, He will make Himself better known to us.

His post-resurrection appearances had this quality. He did not burst in on the apostles and say, Look, I am risen.

He appeared to them quietly and left it to them to find their way to belief.

In this He gave the apostles the chance to grow in faith, and so He has been doing ever since for us.

He draws out the faith that lives in us, but we may not have known it was there.

Some things we know; other things we trust. We are dealing with the same Person who is always reliable.

Thus we can base our course on that certainty.

If we could add another beatitude it might be: Blessed are those who know where to look! Those, who are accustomed to the Lord’s voice; His manner; His ways.

We are blessed if we can do this because it puts us in the way of receiving a lot more grace, of being able to understand and to explain the ways of the Lord.

We can never completely fathom God's reasons for doing certain things, but we can still proceed with a trusting and compliant attitude – what a disciple should have been all along.

If we are ever flagging in faith, we have a great many miracles to call upon.

We should not need miracles to believe but they are there all the same.

God has intervened many times in human history to make a point.

We draw comfort from these times, but most of all it is the Person of Christ we possess. My Lord and My God, said St Thomas.

He is Lord and God; He is always in control. Therefore we take refuge in Him, not the wisdom of the world, or its celebrities – but only in God.

We give Him each moment, and the waters will part in the middle to let us through.

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