Thursday, 6 February 2020

Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2 Feb 2020 Sermon

Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2.2.20 We know Him; we make Him known

We acknowledge that God is mysterious - Who can know the mind of the Lord? (Rm 11,34).

But then we also have passages telling us to go out and Declare His glory among the nations, His marvellous deeds among all peoples.(Ps 95 (96),3)

We are making known what we do not fully know ourselves.

This might sound impossible but it means just that the proclaimers of the Word are also receivers of it.

We must first hear the word before we can make it known. We must believe it first, also.

We know the main points about God as far as our salvation is concerned.

We know He created us in love, saved us in love, and seeks to guide us to Heaven.

He wills the salvation of all people, but will not force anyone to receive that salvation.

We know He is great and glorious, the sole Creator of the universe, and the One to whom all else must answer.

We have received enough light to know that we need more; and at the same time we know that the whole world needs to receive this light also. For my eyes have seen Your salvation… the light to enlighten the Gentiles…(Lk 2,29-32)

We are novices in our knowledge of God. We know what we know, but there is a vast amount more we do not know, or cannot express.

This does not disqualify us from proclaiming the word. Proclaiming actually will have the effect of increasing our faith.

It also gives other people a chance to find their way to salvation.

We stand with the others rather than against them.

The  Church is often accused of judging the world and condemning it. We are really offering the world a better way, in fact, the only way to full salvation.

We simply hope that people will find in Jesus Christ the true Light, which everyone needs, even if they do not know it, or would deny it.

This is Jesus Christ, the Light of the world, the answer to every question. Put your faith in Him.

You will find Him if you do not argue or obstruct – bow down before Him and you will see enough to carry you further.

God makes Himself known to those who are humble enough to receive Him.

He comes in a form not easily recognized, to make us look a little harder than we might have done. Thus Simeon and Anna recognized Him while others saw only the externals of the scene.

We seek to know as much about God as we can; and then to make that much known as far as we can reach – to spread that light to the Gentiles, the one true light in a very confused world.

You will find Him if you persevere. Simeon and Anna had waited a very long time, but had persevered in hope. Now their waiting had been justified.

Some of us have been around a long time too, and we might be tempted to give up the wait, declaring that God has disappeared or lost relevance.

We will have our day in the sun also - in whatever form that takes. It may take till the next life but it must come.

We have seen miracles, or at least heard of them. We can easily believe that there will be more of them, that God will complete His plans.

In the meantime we continue to believe, and to proclaim the light for the Gentiles – that is, for anyone who will listen.

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