Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Mass times

Christmas Day Mass is at 8am St Monica's, Walkerville.

There is no evening Mass at St Anthony's, Edwardstown on Christmas Day.

Holy Name Church has Christmas Mass at Midnight, 7am, and 9.15am.

Other days:
Sat 26 Dec, 8am St Monica's
Sun 27 Dec, 8am St Monica's; 5pm St Anthony's
Mon 28 Dec, 8am St Monica's
Tue 29 Dec, 6.45am St Monica's
Wed 30 Dec, 6.45am St Monica's
Thu 31 Dec, 8am St Monica's
Fri 1 Jan, 8am, St Monica's (not 6.45am).

Happy Christmas to all!

Fr David Thoroughgood

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